Conferences are the main source of information for the cutting-edge research, to get an insight into various research institutions and to make your research available to others, so if you are looking to publish your conference preceding you have come to the right place. JournalsPub and STM provides comprehensive services to publish conference proceeding in the field of science, technology and medical, we publish more than 100 journals with focus on the current scientific interests and ongoing research.

Mechanical Conferences will provide a unique platform for a cost effective solution to avail services which ensures maximum exposure to the authors for their research & review work across the globe. Publishing for conferences need to meet certain publishing criteria so that the conference gains good reputation as good quality papers get presented to gain national & international repute.

ABOUT THE STM Conferences

STM Conferences (STMC) is an online platform where you can get the detail information about the conferences, seminars, workshops and other-related events. These are the events where the scholars/researchers can share their knowledge and help the modern world to get the maximum utilisation through it.

STMC also invites organisers of events related to various domains across the country to get their events register with this website. STMC is making its mark in the country with the amalgamation of researchers and analysts, inventors, scientist, entrepreneur, medical specialist and many more by providing details of related events, workshops, training programs, seminars and conferences. These are the events basically based on knowledge exchange and research-sharing concepts.

STMC will provide your conference with exemplary strategic planning and fastidious organisational skills, along with a flair for creativity. STMC has organised events successfully across the country. From planning to execution, STMC will use the latest technology to deliver your events effectively, efficiently and seamlessly. Your conference will be managed in a secure, sophisticated and user friendly technological environment.

STMC will ensure that our performance reflects positively on the professionalism towards your organisation and ensure that it will help to fulfil the goal. STMC will organise your conference on time with budget friendly and will leave a lasting-positive impression to everyone who would attend.

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