CEMEI offers professional educational programs in Mechanical Engineering and interdisciplinary fields along with skill enhancement. These training programs emphasize practical training in combination with necessary theoretical aspects of advance Mechanical Engineering areas. These training programs are designed in a way for the person who would like to take up careers in different areas of mechanical engineering like manufacturing, CAD, CAM, Designing, Automobile engineering, etc.

Following Training Programs are offered by CEMEI:

Introduction to mechanical engineering and Applied Mechanics:

  1. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
  2. Introduction to Applied Mechanics
  3. Conceptualization of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  4. Competency in Experimental and Applied Mechanics

Production and Industrial Engineering

  1. Production Research and Management: Fundamentals to Applications
  2. Advancement in Design and Materials
  3. Process Control and Safety Instrumentation
  4. Industrial Engineering 4.0
  5. Basics of Industrial Mechanics

Manufacturing and Material Processing

  1. Trends in CAD/CAM/CAE Technology
  2. Smart Manufacturing and Materials Processing
  3. Additive Manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing: Six Sigma Belt
  5. CNC Programming
  6. Basic Tool of Quality

Automation, Mechanics, and Design

  1. Advancement in Mechatronics and Robotic Automation
  2. Competency in Machine Design
  3. Fundamentals Component involve in Automobile Engineering
  4. Mechanical Design: Vibration Analysis
  5. Fundamentals of Mechanics and Design
  6. Mechanics and Designing: Sheet Metal Design
  7. CAD, CAM
  8. MATLAB: Concept, Design, and Analysis

Thermal Engineering and Refrigeration and Heat ventilation

  1. Fundamentals of Thermal Engineering
  2. Introduction to Heat Transfer Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

  1. Advancement of Aerospace Engineering and its applications
  2. IC Engine: Turbocharger, turbomachinery, Combustion Engine components
  3. Advancement in Mechanical Dynamics

Applied Mechanics:

  1. Finite Element Analysis
  2. Fracture mechanics: Fundamentals of Anti Friction Bearing
  3. Working and Concept of Hyperloop

You can associate with us as a Course Mentor.

Benefits for Course Mentor:

  • 10% Royalty for 1 Program
  • Biography and Photo to be displayed in each Program
  • Free access to a program designed
  • Free Certificate

For more info contact:

Shalini Soni
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+91) 120 4781242



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