International Journal of Electro Mechanics and Mechanical Behaviour

International Journal of Electro Mechanics and Mechanical Behavior is a peer-reviewed journal focused on electromechanical modeling and Micro-electro mechanical systems. The aim of this journal is to promote advances in electrical machines and instruments, research in Kinematics and dynamic analysis, wear and degradation of material, mechanical behavior of materials, fluid dynamics and sophisticated motion control. With this in mind journal anticipate that all contributions would offer substantial result and will have a lasting effect on the field of research. Journal seeks work that presents innovation and promise future research.

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope of the Journal covers the following:

• Wear and Degradation of Materials
• Electromechanical modelling
• Micro-electro mechanical systems
• Kinematics and Dynamic Analysis
• Micro Scale Heat Transfer
• Fluid Power Engineering
• Mechanical/Magnetic behavior and testing of metals
• Structure of materials.- Elasticity.- Plasticity and failure
• Mechanical behaviour of metals, ceramics, polymers, fibre and composite
• Sophisticated motion control and hand-held electronic/photographic devices

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