International Journal of Fracture and Damage Mechanics

International Journal of Fracture and damage Mechanics provide a comprehensive platform for dissemination of recent technological advances that can have an impact on the industrial and institutional research. The aim of the journal is to provide the scientific community an active mode of communication and discussion through which they can present their theories and share the concepts of mechanics. Journals publish both theoretical and experimental research and promote practical application of applied mechanics.

Focus and Scope

Focus and scope of the journal covers the following:

• Elastic instability
• Gross plastic deformation
• Tensile instability
• Creep damage and creep-fatigue interaction
• Low and high cycle fatigue damage,
• Brittle/elastic damage,
• Ductile/plastic damage,
• Strain softening and strain-rate sensitivity damage
• Impact damage,
• Modeling and numerical simulation
• Elastic–plastic fracture mechanics
• Crack incubation and propagation
• Crack and fracture repair Techniques
• Damage Tolerance and fracture Control

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