International Journal of I.C. Engines and Gas Turbines

International Journal of I.C. Engines and Gas Turbines is an international peer-reviewed journal has wide range of discipline under it and is designed to publish articles that cover current advances in the ever-growing field of combustion engines. Journal always encourage authors to provide summary of their recent work as well as reviews of the research that was and is of significant importance. Journal broadly covers Two stroke, four stroke, six stroke engines, steam turbines and turbine engine failure.

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope of the Journal covers the following:

• Two-stroke, Four-stroke (Otto cycle) and Six-stroke engine
• Diesel engine
• Atkinson cycle
• Miller cycle
• Wankel rotary engine
• Engine configurations
• Fuels and oxidizers
• Measures of engine performance
• Jet engines
• Turboprop engines
• Aeroderivative and Amateur gas turbines
• Gas turbine locomotive
• Gas turbine modular helium reactor
• Non-Intrusive Stress Measurement System
• Pneumatic motor
• Steam turbine
• Turbine engine failure

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