International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Design

International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Design is devoted to the publication of fundamental studies in industrial design and engineering, with an emphasis on operational research. Journal particularly welcomes papers from newly emerging areas as well as traditional fields that form the core of the industrial engineering. Journal welcomes all major types of scientific communications; original research article, review article, editorials as well as short communication that fall under the focus and scope of the journal. The nature of information expected from contributions should preferably be based on the practical aspect of the subject.

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope of the Journal covers the following:

• Operations research and optimization techniques
• Supply chain management and logistics
• Systems simulation and stochastic processes
• Statistical process control or quality control
• Predetermined motion time system
• Productivity improvement
• Materials management
• Quality assurance, and inventory control
• System and personnel safety.
• Value analysis; product quality and reliability
• Human resource management
• Human resource management

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