International Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing

International Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing is a peer-reviewed journal that provides students, researchers and leading industries with high quality of scientific data. Journal focuses on traditional and non-traditional manufacturing processes, as well as new advances in designing methodology, making the theoretical aspect of the research as important as the practicality of the work done. The prominence of the journal lies in the industrial application and novelty of the research work.

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope of the Journal covers the following:

• Computer-Aided Manufacturing
• Medical Device Design And Manufacturing.
• Traditional And Non-Traditional Manufacturing Processes,
• Manufacturing Processes In Dental And Medical Practices,
• Multibody System Dynamics,
• Control Systems, Kinematics, Compliant Mechanisms,
• Electro-Mechanical Systems,
• Computer-Aided Design,
• Mechatronics, Design For Manufacturing,
• Dynamics And Vibrations Of Mechanical And Continuous Systems,
• Finite Element Modeling,
• Modal Testing, Model Updating,
• Structural Damage Detection And System Identification

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