International Journal of Pollution and Noise Control

 International Journal of Pollution and Noise Control intends to provide its readers with swift and concrete information on the advancements in the field of pollution control. Editors recommend high quality papers that are original and comprehensive in nature and those that focus on the application of the work done. Journal also encourages review articles that cover all aspects of pollution control and that can have an immediate impact on the ongoing research.

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope of the Journal covers the following:

• Assessment of risk from air, water and soil pollution
• Feasible remedies for treatment and prevention of pollution
• Protection of goundwater from pollutants
• Waste disposal techniques and waste water management
• Life cycle assessment
• Feasibility study of pollutants
• Impacts of pollutants on ecology
• Assessment of environmental policies and legal aspects
• Assessment of water quality
• Assessment of low frequency noise: problems and solutions
• Effects of infrasounds on man and animals
• Source and propagation of infra sound noise


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