This Series of our Beneficent Book Project “NOLEGEIN” consists of 2 Books those are “MECHANICS OF SOLID”,“ADVANCED MECHANICS OF SOLID”.


MECHANICS OF SOLID:This Textbook concerns in which  mechanics of materials, the strength of a material is its ability to withstand an applied load without failure or plastic deformation. The field of strength of materials deals with forces and deformations that result from their acting on a material.









ADVANCED MECHANICS OF SOLID:This Textbook deals with mechanics of deformable solids,that is analysis of stress or the analysis of strain which deals with the geometry of deformation without considering the forces that cause the deformation.







TARGET AUDIENCE: These above Text Books are meant for the students of Degree, Diploma & A.M.I.E(I) Classes & Engineers.

 If you are interested in our project, please contribute in our knowledge enhancing mission along the globe.

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