This Series of our Beneficent Book Project “NOLEGEIN” consists of 2 Books those are “FUNDAMENTALS OF FLUID MECHANICS”,“TURBOMACHINERY”.


FUNDAMENTALS OF FLUID MECHANICS: This Textbook explains the physics concerned with the mechanics of fluids (liquids, gases, and plasmas) and the forces on them. … It can be divided into fluid statics, the study of fluids at rest; and fluid dynamics, the study of the effect of forces on fluid motion.







TURBOMACHINERY: This Textbook Turbomachinery, in mechanical engineering, describes machines that transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid, including both turbines and compressors. While a turbine transfers energy from a fluid to a rotor, a compressor transfers energy from a rotor to a fluid.





TARGET AUDIENCE: These above Text Books are meant for the students of Degree, Diploma & A.M.I.E(I) Classes & Engineers.


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